Q. How long is the travel time? 6.5 to 7 hours depending on traffic and your pick-up/drop-off points. Q. How long will the bus wait? The shuttle bus will not wait, and our buses are on time. We try our best to get our customers to their destinations when they travel to Los Angeles or travel to San Francisco as quickly and as reliably as possible. Q. What proof do I need to bring for my reservation? You must have a printed copy of your email reservation and a valid photo ID. You can show us your email reservation on your cell phone as well. Q. How many bags can I bring on the San Francisco bus? You can bring a maximum of 2 bags for the trip. Each bag must be around 30 lbs or less. We do not carry a scale to check the weight. Driver has a responsibility on the weight decision. He might ask for $5.00 tip on each overweight bag. Q. Can I bring my bicycle on the bus? Please give $5 cash to the bus driver who will store your bicycle in the cargo space. Q. Can handicapped passengers travel with their wheelchair? Yes, but the wheelchairs must be foldable and passenger must be able to move around without the help of the driver. Q. Do you allow pets? (Dogs or Cats) Yes. Pets must be transported in a pet cage, and they are not allowed to take up an extra seat. If you would like them to take up an entire seat, you must purchase an additional seat. Q. What route do you take for California travel? Do you drive by the ocean? Many of our tourist customers have asked us whether we take the Pacific Coast Highway or 101 Freeway for the “scenic route.” Unfortunately, we do not since taking those routes tends to add 3-4 hours to the trip. We take the 5 Freeway, which is the most efficient route to travel between Los Angeles and the Bay Area. Q. Do you make any stops? Yes. Half way about 200 miles there is a 30-minute rest stop.


Q. What types of payment do you take? Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) Cash reservation is possible within 48 hours of the trip. Q. What is your cancellation policy? Your reservation is non-refundable. You may change the date with a $10.00 handling charge and if a price is higher, the difference will be charged.. There is no exception. Please make sure your date for the travel is a firm date. Q. If I miss the bus, will there be a charge? Yes. If you miss the bus from Los Angeles to San Francisco or the bus from San Francisco to Los Angeles, you will have to purchase another ticket. There is no refund on the ticket you missed. Q. How far ahead do I need to make the reservation? If seats are available, you can make a reservation until 2 hours before the departure.  48 Hours advance is recommended. Q. The online system is telling me there are no seats available. What does that mean? That can either mean that the bus is completely booked or that we are not operating a bus on that day. We currently do not operate on Tuesdays and Saturdays. We only offer the midnight bus on Thursday, Friday, Sunday, and Monday evenings on limited week. Q. Are there discounts on a round trip? No, we have a computer-generated dynamic pricing system. The sooner you make a reservation for a bus to or from San Francisco for travel, the lower price you will get! Q. Are there discounts for children? No discounts for children or infants. Q. Do I have to stay at the hotel where I am either departing from or being dropped off? No. Q. Do you make the hotel reservation? No. CA Shuttle Bus does not contract with the hotel for room reservations so passengers must make hotel reservations themselves.


Q. What does the bus look like? The bus says “CA Shuttle Bus” on both sides. It is a large, 47-seater charter bus. We clean the interior and exterior of the buses daily. Q. Does the bus have a restroom? Yes, buses are equipped with restrooms. The restrooms are cleaned everyday. Q. Do you have insurance? All vehicles are insured by PUC-approved insurance companies. PUC regulations require a minimum insurance coverage of 5 million dollars.